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Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Twice a year we offer a well designed Thai Yoga Massage certified training. The Basic Practitioner Training is happening on 5 weekends with approximately 3-4weeks practicing time in between the modules. This leaves the opportunity to really dive deep into the practice while being guided from the Thai Massage teacher and well rooted in your group during the time of developing as a Thai Yoga therapist.

Our school includes 3 pillars:
The art of touch, the art of movement and presence.

The Basic Practitioner Training includes Thai Massage routines in movement and touch, you learn to be present in your breath and through your touch and you receive a decent basic knowledge on meridians and energy lines from thai medicine tradition.

Each weekend we practice Yoga and Meditation for becoming more aware of your won body structure and refine your sense of being.

Additionally we teach interactive anatomy, indications and contraindications of the treatment to have a good confidence to practice in the western world.

The course includes

Principles of Thai Yoga Massage

Full body Treatment

  • techniques in back-, supine, sitting, side position
  • intuitive movements and letting of the routine


  • joints, muscular and lymphatic system
  • vivid anatomy practices

Games and Fun

-open playground to free the mind and hands….

Yoga and Meditation

  • morning chants
  • hatha yoga
  • meditationtechniques for thai massage practitioner

Exam and Certificate

  • theoretical exam for at home
  • practical exam in class
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knowledge: no prior knowledge afforded
cotst: € 1350,- with all material
dates spring: 1. WE 15.-17.02.
2. WE 08.-10.03.
3. WE 05.-07.04.
4. WE 03.-05.05.
5. WE 31.05.-02.06.
timing: Fridays 5-8pm
Saturday and Sunday
Sign up - Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Terms of application:
Please sign in as soon as possible. All applications will be one after the other worked on. If the course is fully booked you’ll receive an e-mail.

In terms of bookings:
If you are not having a person stepping into your spot there are terms as follows:
3 month prior starting the course 10% of the total amount
8 weeks prior starting the course 30% of the total amount
4 weeks prior starting the course 50% of the total amount
4 weeks till the day of starting the course you’ll need to pay 100% of the total amount of the course.
This is valid also for unexpected cases of acute sickness etc.
There is always the possibility of changes, which will be informed.

All content of the courses are recommendations. While practicing the methods by the students, Sahaja academy is not taking responsibility.
Recordings and doublication of the course material is not allowed and given to other people or used for business in any kind. All rights are with Sahaja Academy.