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Dynamic Thai Massage with Till Heeg

"Do not stop the movement to find peacefulness, find peacefulness within the movement"(Chinese proverb)

What does it really mean, to flow? Can we give massage while dancing?
Dynamic Thai Massage is giving the answer: Its an active way of meditation in movement. Deeply rooted in the teachings of Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith, a master and teacher from the north of Thailand.
In this 3 day course we will integrate dynamic movements with osteopathic principles. We will flow, swing and oscillate with a sense of precision to the technique. The rhythm in which you’ll enter will invite the receiver in a wonderful way to totally let go and give up.
Enjoy these 3 days with Till Heeg.

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knowledge: basic knowledge in thai massage
costs: € 290,-
times: Friday/Sat/Sun
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Terms of application:
Please sign in as soon as possible. All applications will be one after the other worked on. If the course is fully booked you’ll receive an e-mail.

In terms of bookings:
If you are not having a person stepping into your spot there are terms as follows:
3 month prior starting the course 10% of the total amount
8 weeks prior starting the course 30% of the total amount
4 weeks prior starting the course 50% of the total amount
4 weeks till the day of starting the course you’ll need to pay 100% of the total amount of the course.
This is valid also for unexpected cases of acute sickness etc.
There is always the possibility of changes, which will be informed.

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