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Osteo Thai - Internal Organs


Osteothai is the integration of osteopathy principles and techniques into Thai massage.

It is a form of bodywork that combines :

  • Traditional Thai massage’s varied and powerful stretches, using long leverage techniques across muscle groups (inspired by yoga postures), and its acupressure work on energy lines.
  • with Osteopathy’s release of tissue tension, precise and gentle touch, and work on structural and joint mobility.



The main concern of osteopathy is mobility : structural and joint mobility, but also tissue and fascia mobility.

So this course will benefit my practice by :

  • working beyond the routine of Thai massage and addressing more specific individual needs,
  • studying and learning new therapeutic techniques based on the osteopathic approach such as : joint general treatment, fascia work, harmonic techniques… in order to give more mobility to the body, restore vitality and ease of movement.
  • developing my touch and perception, making them more acute and precise,
  • learning new advanced Thai massage techniques,
  • changing slowly my view on bodywork, from a “to do a technique” towards a “to be a technique”.


Often called the second brain, the belly is a very important area of the body that should not be forgotten in our treatment. The Osteothai routine for the inner organs is a synthesis of the Eastern approach of the Hara and the Western practice of visceral manipulation. It allows a real inner organs detox and tension release.

We regularly see patients coming for treatment complaining about belly pain or digestive disorders. And most of the time, during previous consultancies with other practitioners, their belly has never been touched. Belly like everywhere else in the body is a place we have to explore and to free of tension. Belly tensions are very often responsible for back pain, shoulder dysfunctions, hips and sacro-iliac disorders. During this class, we will alternate from indirect to direct techniques to approach the belly, working on the inner organs mobility and motility, to release fascial tension and ease the digestive peristaltism.

During this 5-day course, we will learn :

  • How to approach the belly in supine, side and sitting positions in Osteothai.
  • A global reorganisation of the digestive system, starting from the mouth, going through the whole digestive duct (oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and small intestine, large intestine) and the different sphincters.
  • A Hara fascia detox working on the different fascial connections in-between the inner organs (ligament system, mesentery, peritoneum, epiploon…)
  • A routine to approach lower back pain from the belly.
  • How to work with the mobility and motility of the main inner organs (liver, stomach, spleen…) with direct techniques (pumping, recoil, rocking) and indirect ones (fascia release).
  • How to link belly, spinal disorders and hips dysfunctions and to free the sacro-iliac joint.

The course will be residential in the middle of the bavarian mountains. Please book your room directly at the seminar place.
Through the transfer of money for the room you book your slot in the course.

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knowledge: basic knowledge in bodywork
costs: € 650,-
excluded food and accommodation
times: Thursday to Tuesday
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Terms of application:
Please sign in as soon as possible. All applications will be one after the other worked on. If the course is fully booked you’ll receive an e-mail.

In terms of bookings:
If you are not having a person stepping into your spot there are terms as follows:
3 month prior starting the course 10% of the total amount
8 weeks prior starting the course 30% of the total amount
4 weeks prior starting the course 50% of the total amount
4 weeks till the day of starting the course you’ll need to pay 100% of the total amount of the course.
This is valid also for unexpected cases of acute sickness etc.
There is always the possibility of changes, which will be informed.

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